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A project aiming to make students -girls and boys 8/17 years old- aware of disabled people’s rights, not only through knowledge, but also through theoretical and emotional elaboration, by using purposely built educational tools and the assistance of personal and professional know-how of the main Disable Associations.

Fifteen films featured in the DVD, subtitled in Italian, are available for non commercial screenings (in schools, associations, seminar meetings, etc.).


Why using a theatre workshop to teach a “culture of diversity”? Theatre language is naturally playful, out of the ordinary, non verbal and unbinding. All of these features make the theatre a better tool to connect directly and emotionally to human beings, especially children and young kids.

The project is combined with a research course, aiming to notice some basic elements of the current conditions of inclusion and interaction between students with and without disabilities. Moreover, it aspires to evaluate the acceptance and the cognitive and emotional impact of this education and awareness course on the targeted students.










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